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I'd roleplay dating girl rpc like chat

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Our services feature direct messaging, full HTML profiles, avatars, and user-created text based fantasy roleplay chat rooms to deliver the best experience to talk with strangers. Our role playing chat rooms accept most writing styles such as one-lining, semi-para, to multiparagraph. This is the best roleplaying chat site.

Years: I'm 30 years old
Where am I from: Australian
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got large hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Hair: I have got silky chestnut hair
I speak: English, Russian
Piercing: Tragus piercing
Tattoo: None

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Like Rin, Aidon is a lead guard and commander, although he is a higher rank than Rin, and has more authorization.

So Rin was practically raised inside the asylum. She was born and raised in Silver town until she was 5, and her family shipped her off to the asylum for a framed murder. Aiko was none of those things.

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Her snow white hair contrasting the black horns atop her head, while her sister had jet black hair, with white horns. Raised by her mother, who filled her head with evil thoughts, and the wrong doings of her father and Alue, she was the complete opposite of her sister.

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Once I can get to my computer that is. It has been categorized as area 46, extremely dangerous. New pants on IMVU. Rain was running out of time.

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Rin believes in helping others that need it, when she is normal. His implant gives him insane strength, and healing abilities.

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Thinking a little outside the box with this one. Haha XD. He taught her swordplay when she was young, but he was also the one that authorized the implant and virus that was put inside of her. I mean really? She was dark, sinister, and had slowly grown to hate her sister from afar.

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Silver Town chatroom. Probably one of the most dangerous places on earth minus the Australian area Silver Town is a big city, picture it as big as Dallas, Texas, with super tall buildings, billboards, tons of different building structures, etc. Even in appearances.

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Silver Town survived the zombie outbreak, one of the only places that did, and all because of the giant walls surrounding it, it was as if they knew it was coming, knew they need to prepare…. That was the beginning of a revolt, they had hoped to expose the facility for what it really was, and of course….

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

And to make matters worse, her damn father had to name her stupid Aiko, the worst possible name for someone like her. Two styles and four colours.

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She is a fantasy RPC named Vera, and she is a gargoyle. Posts Archive. Also, excerpt to come!

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She has escaped quite a few times, along with her best friend Nicki, who is like an older sister to her. Aidon is the basis of evil and hate, his heart is barely existent.