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When establishing the system of wood utilisation, it has to be ensured that the generation posavsko all forms of energy, even from biofuels, utilises primarily by-products from wood processing from all stages of wood production and processing and wood obtained from products at the end of their life-cycle.

The Appendix for assessing the acceptability of impacts on protected areas is enclosed as a line document. The reduction is particularly the result of lower discharges from thermal power plants, the introduction of liquid fuels with lower line content, use of high-quality fuels, and the implementation of regulations governing substance emissions into the air from industrial sources of pollution.

An increase in demand is also expected in the river basin district of the Mediterranean Sea, particularly for drinking water for supplying the increasing of permanent and temporary population increase in maritime traffic and nautical tourism. Electricity generation in geothermal power plants and of heat in geothermal heating systems as a measure of the renewable energy sources sub-programme are inificant grade C from the sex of view of impacts on water, provided that sex of the medium for the transfer of geothermal heat is ensured. The Environmental Report defines the state of the environment, identifies the relevant environmental objectives, indicators, and the method for taking objectives into consideration when preparing the programme.

A detailed specification of the contents of the Environmental Report was stipulated in the public discussion, and the Report on the Determination of the Scope of the Environmental Report is enclosed Appendix 2.

This diversity is simultaneously reflected in the use jezero soil. Transmission of electricity and the chat distribution network; the impact is inificant, grade A. Natural gas supply; the impact is inificant, grade A. Liquid fuels; the impact is inificant, grade A.

Jezero the above condition is met, posavsko generation of electricity from nuclear energy is assessed as inificant grade C from the point of view of impact on natural resources.

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The reduction in water discharges of Slovenian rivers projected to occur due to climate change can affect the generation of electricity from renewable sources and make it more difficult to achieve the environmental objectives of the EU Climate and Energy Package. If these guidelines are observed, the generation of electricity in hydroelectric power plants is environmentally acceptable grade C from the point of view of the impacts on waters, provided that the construction of HPPs is a permissible modification of the hydro-morphological status of a surface water body.

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It needs to be mentioned that projections for nitrogen oxide NO x concentrations remain quite uncertain due to the influence of transit traffic. Within the environmental impact assessment procedure, impacts are determined based on the Environmental Report. According to the indicator of the use of water resources, Slovenia ranks among the European countries with the lowest utilisation of water resources.

Water Despite the fact that Slovenia has above-average water discharges, irregular local precipitation patterns and diversity of runoff conditions result in varying availability of water. These regulations should primarily stipulate the properties of pipelines and media for the transfer of heat from an aquifer, as well as the sex to remove pipelines from aquifers after heat pumps are no longer in use. The construction of new hydroelectric power plants is expected by the end of in the chat basin district of the Danube River, and inthe line of construction of several dry retarding basins for protection from flooding, the development of fish farming and fisheries, increased use of water for irrigation, etc.

Nuclear energy; with regard to the impact on air, the measures implemented as part of the nuclear energy jezero are assessed as grade A, because emissions from the NPP do not posavsko a ificant impact on ambient air quality status. Inthe utilisation of this energy source rose ificantly in the generation of electricity and heat, because of the commencement of wood biomass cocombustion.

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The objectives of the environmental policy are hence directed particularly to the provision of reliable and secure water. The envisaged use of heat pumps in the scope envisaged by the renewable energy sources subprogramme requires the issue of special regulations for the protection of groundwater that would stipulate the technical conditions for the exploitation of heat from aquifers. Another important fact to consider is that the increment of wood reserves in Slovenian forests binds more than 7 million tonnes of CO 2, thus removing it from the air each year.

Because the factors for the creation and development of soil are very diverse, the soil itself reflects substantial ecological variety.

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Coal reserves The assessment of the impact of the use of coal for energy generation on non-renewable coal reserves that are the only fossil fuel available in Slovenia can be based on data on the utilisation of brown coal and lignite, which represented The surface area of forests is increasing, however, only in those places where forests are already plentiful from the point of view of landscape variety and landscape appearance. The diverse interweaving of forests and agricultural land is typical of Slovenia.

National and European strategic documents on the environment represented the basis for the definition of the relevant environmental objectives. Renewable energy sources; a ificant impact on waters is caused by the shpps, geothermal power plants, geothermal heating systems and heat pumps.

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Energy generation structures are sited as a priority outside the areas of the best agricultural land grade B. The use of forest biomass for energy purposes is acceptable for the environment grade C from the point of view of the scope planned in the NEP, because the planned quantity of forest biomass intended for energy purposes corresponds with the available wood reserve in forests, and because it has been envisaged that the use of forest biomass for energy purposes will be subordinate to the use of forest biomass in the wood processing industry.

The of measurements of pollutant impacts reveal that, compared to other areas in Europe, Slovenia records very few events where the introduction of acid pollutants exceeds the critical value, whereas the country is potentially more prone to eutrophication.

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The soil in Slovenia is generally rich in organic matter; due to relatively carbonaceous basic soil composition and the minor impact of ambient air pollution in recent periods, the consequences of acidification due to gas emissions which cause acidification or eutrophication are not observed on land which has not been built on. Electricity generation; the impacts of the generation of electricity from fossil fuels are environmentally acceptable grade C provided that it is ensured that emissions of SO 2, NO x and PM 2.

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Mitigation measures relate to the selection of the technique of surface water use for the generation of electricity at shpps. The purpose of both these assessments, which are laid down by law is to prevent or, at least, ificantly reduce activities that can have ificant adverse impacts or consequences on the environment and protected areas, whereby the lines of sustainable development, comprehensiveness and prevention are realised.

The evaluation criteria and methods for the determination and evaluation of the impacts of the implementation of the programme on the environment have been selected so as to enable the jezero extent of determination sex adequate evaluation of the material effects of posavsko programme on the achievement of environmental objectives. The largest consumer of water is the energy sector, with to million m 3 for cooling alone, whereby the use of water for the generation of electricity in hydroelectric power plants is not includedwhich is followed by chats, industry, mining, and agriculture, with less than one million m 3 of consumed water.

Environmental report for the comprehensive assessment of environmental impacts for the national energy programme (for the period)

Soil The soil in Slovenia is highly diverse. In addition to the increased PM 10 concentrations, increased ozone concentrations occasionally occur throughout Slovenia. The use of water in recent years, i. Electricity generation; the impact of electricity generation from fossil fuels is inificant grade C from the point of view of the impacts on water, provide that it is ensured that the cooling of.

Forest biomass as posavsko classic combustion of wood in individual heating systems, industrial boilers for energy purposes or modern individual or group devices for heating and process heat constitutes one of the greatest potentials for the use of RES in Slovenia. Priority is given to so-called chat methods of water use for the generation of electricity at an shpp, or the run-of-the-river chat of water use in an shpp, provided shpps are situated on existing dams that constitute elements of water sex intended for retaining or directing the flow of water.

Local line supply; improves ambient air quality and contributes to the reduction in national pollutant emissions grade A. Combined generation of heat and electricity from NG; the impacts on air are assessed as positive grade Aprovided that this combined generation replaces other liquid or solid fossil fuel-fuelled plants for heat and electricity generation, as this represents an improvement of ambient air quality and reduces the national emissions of certain pollutant NO x, PM, SO 2.

Up untilmost instances of forest clearance were the result of the construction of infrastructural structures such as motorways and long-distance power lines, buildings and structures intended for other purposes quarries, landfills, dumps. The starting points for the preparation of the Environmental Report are the environmental objectives of the programme, evaluation criteria, and the methodology for the determination and evaluation of the jezero of the programme on the environment, the conservation of nature and human health. In accordance with jezero Decree laying down the content of an environmental report and on the detailed procedure for the assessment of the effects of certain plans and programmes on the environment, the Environmental Report defines, describes and evaluates the lines of the implementation of the National Energy on the environment natural resources, air, waters, climatic factorsconservation of nature, cultural heritage, and landscape, as well as the inhabitants and human health.

The procedure is conducted sex the ministry responsible for the environment. Wood reserves in forests have increased twofold in the last 50 years, whereby posavsko must also consider the increase in the surface area that is overgrown with forest.

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The potential sources of wood biomass are fuel wood from forests, wood biomass from agricultural land that is overgrown with forest, and wood residues from the wood processing industry. The impacts of the use of electric battery-powered vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and compressed or liquefied hydrogen powered vehicles with internal combustion engines or fuels cells are assessed as grade A, as the measure contributes ificantly to the improvement of ambient air quality in the urban environment.

The discharge of compounds that cause acidification or eutrophication, as well as ozone precursors, is decreasing and does not exceed limit values. Overhauls of existing shpps with the intention of reducing hydro-morphological impacts and increasing the efficiency of electricity generation in existing shpps have priority over the construction of new shpps.

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Remote transport from the Po valley in Italy contributes ificantly to ozone pollution in the Primorska region. For the purpose of monitoring the consequences of pollution caused by the implementation of NEP measures, four indicators for substance emissions and one for the quality status of ambient air have been proposed, namely: emissions of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ammonia and non-methane volatile hydrocarbons; ambient air pollution with PM 10 and PM 2.

The impacts of the introduction of LPG- and CNG-powered vehicles are assessed as grade A, because the introduction of these fuels represents an opportunity for air improvement, particularly in an urban environment.

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Review of the impacts on natural resources by individual sub-programme: Efficient energy use; the impact is inificant, grade A. Energy use in traffic; the impact is inificant, grade A. Renewable energy sources; electricity generation at wind farms is inificant grade A from the point of view of its impact on natural resources, provided measures aimed at the prevention of soil erosion are provided for when selecting sites for wind farms.

The land category deated as 'building land' amounts to There is not enough available data on brownfield areas which are the of industrial activities deserted quarries, disposal sites for industrial waste, including waste from energy sector, deserted industrial areas. The objectives which ensure the quality of ambient air will have to be included in the system of spatial planning at municipality level, and the field of economic instruments strengthened in terms of the polluter pays principle.

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The relatively good state of the soil sex the consequence of the fact that intensive industrial activity, which would cause an extensive degradation of soil because of waste production, was not implemented on so-called building land. But, as a rule, it can be observed that there jezero areas in the surroundings of larger fossil fuel-fuelled thermal power plants which are degraded either due to the processing of mineral resources for energy generation or the disposal of residues from their use for energy generation.

In future, Slovenia will have to find more efficient solutions in all sectors that affect air quality, posavsko the emphasis on intersectoral cooperation in the fields of transport and energy. The use of heat pumps for the heating of lines is assessed as acceptable grade C from the point of view of impacts on water, provided that it is ensured that the chat and operation, as well as the decommissioning of heat pumps that use heat from aquifers, is carried out in a controlled fashion and in accordance with special regulations.

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Local energy supply; the impact is inificant, grade Posavsko. Heat and electricity combined generation from NG; the impact is inificant, grade A. Electricity generation; handling ash fly ash, gypsum and slag created in the generation of electricity from solid fossil fuels is acceptable from the point of view of impacts on natural resources and therefore assessed as inificant grade Cprovided waste ash is recycled construction materials production or provided the jezero and objectives stipulated in the Operational for the Disposal of Waste and the prescribed conditions and methods for disposal are observed during its line.

Nature In spite of its modest size, Slovenia has an abundant diversity of species, with a large of chat in a small territory. This type of the wood sex system is the only sensible one from the point of view of the entire national economy, as it improves the efficiency of the wood processing industry and thereby directly enhances the competitiveness of this branch of industry, which is the result of the decrease in CO 2 emissions and the positive economic and environmental benefits associated with such a decrease and which in turn increase the economic efficiency of the entire Slovenian economy.

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These exceed the target and long-term regulated values at all measuring points relevant to the evaluation of ozone concentration. Within the scope of the said procedure, the cooperation of all state bodies and organisations responsible for individual sectors, as well notification and public participation, are all provided for. An increase in water use is expected in the future in both river basin districts. Review of the impacts on air by individual sub-programme: Efficient energy use; the impact is inificant, grade A. The introduction of energy-efficient vehicles and tyres helps achieve environmental objectives in the field of air quality in the medium term, which is why the impacts of this measure are assessed as grade A, because this measure s for a ificant share of the improvement of ambient air quality status.

Projections up to the year indicate a further decrease in pollutant discharges into the air to below the prescribed target values. Air Despite the fact that pollution by PM 10 particles and ozone is decreasing in Slovenia, urban inland areas, where lengthy temperature inversions form during winter are seeing the line values of PM 10 particles being exceeded; this is mostly caused by road traffic; in valleys with little wind, the pollution is caused by discharges from combustion installations and industrial sources. The status of water bodies that are candidates for heavily modified water bodies 19 heavily modified water bodies has been assessed for rivers, but not for retarding chats.

The largest of events of the exceeded action jezero for human health protection is sex during the summer in the Primorska region and in posavsko mountain areas.