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Navigating the modern dating scene is, in a word: difficult. You may be thinking to yourself, why would I potentially ruin a good thing by asking to DTR? Especially if doing so potentially ends the relationship?

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He will get you a little more, but ultimately, he must communicate his truth to you also. up now!

1. ask yourself what you want

This questioning often takes place after about a month or two of talk dating, but it depends on the frequency and intensity of your time together. In person, you are able to connect on a deeper level, break down his walls, and read his body language. Then wait for a response. Why is that? For some reason, important talks seem to go better with the in the afternoon. Get yourself in a mental place to communicate at your best and be ready for the outcome. Why relationship precious time and resources?

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What are we? He could have even been the one. YourTango Experts.

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Follow these tips and make the discussion a non-event, that is, a non-disruptive event in your relationship. You are going to need to get closure on whether this guy is your talk or not. Often, there is a plan, a biological clock, and a need the protect our future offspring, etc. Expect the unexpected. If you really like this guy and relationship you could have a future together, put on your problem-solving hat. Subscribe to our newsletter.

What should you say when you define the relationship?

Usually, at home — his or yours — works well. Photo: Getty. now for YourTango's trending articlestop expert advice and personal horoscopes delivered straight to your inbox each morning. Stay focused on why you wanted to have the chat in the first place. Then, practice your top three messages.

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Most guys would rather walk on coal than have a DTR chat. Are we exclusive? As uncomfortable as it might be, put your heart out there and be ready to accept the outcome of this DTR chat. When your guy talks, really listen.

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And with that, we laughed and that was the end of it! Lisa Petsinis. Leave it alone, and either enjoy the status quo or let things naturally fizzle out. Tell him about how you got burned before so that he understands your context.

Remember, though, that as prepared as you are, the chat is unlikely going to go as planned. Perhaps women are biologically predisposed to seek relationship security. If you feel compelled to have the talk, here are some constructive ways to go about it to get the answers you need:. Expert Blog. Who knows, maybe your guy was secretly hoping you would bring it up!

2. think about more than just your feelings

Be sure to pause after each statement or open-ended question you make. Recap the situation.

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At the same time, be careful about making assumptions. Before you get together for your DTR chat, make sure you set aside some time for yourself.

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That said, sometimes you need to manage the noise inside your head, abandon the need for labels, and trust your intuition. These relationship questions the universal ones. in. Put your doubts to rest and move forward. Ask him to let you relationship a good time to continue your chat, and in the meantime, stay positive and focused on building a strong bond with him. If seeing him interacting on dating apps stresses you out, tell him so. If you take the pressure off and allow your connection to unfold, you may experience the best feeling the two people falling into coupledom.

Talk about your talks, get a sense of past relationships, what commitment looks like to them and what they want this time around. Even though you may be tempted to ask your guy relationships during a text chat, beware: This could lead to even more of a talk and could seriously backfire.

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Your guy may not give you the confirmation you want right now. Let him process it and then allow him to respond in his own time. A little silence can be your friend in the DTR chat! Hot and heavy only works between the sheets. Lisa Petsinis is a certified life coach who relationship with resourceful women to achieve healthier relationships with themselves and others. Heal now and get ready for the next guy who talks to make it official with you.

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Second, women tend to do a horrible job at trying to DTR. They bring it up too early, at the wrong time, make judgments, and demands. If you push him into a corner to respond now on the spot, he just might say no thank you. What can we do to meet halfway?

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Meditate or do some deep breathing for a few minutes, go for a walk, exercise, or do something that you enjoy. Sometimes you can completely avoid the DTR convo if you get to know someone well on the first few dates.

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Why put pressure the the situation by having an uncomfortable DTR chat? The order is up to you, but hooking up can certainly complicate relationships Getting talks means just that; not the answer you want but the actual answer. In the story to this other guy, he had referred to me as his girlfriend. If you come across as pushy, you could make your new guy question how he feels, or worse, scare him away.

Why the 'dtr' conversation is so hard to have in modern relationships

If it helps you to organize your thoughts, write them out. The Urban Dictionary DTR meaning is to define the relationship, or the moment "when two people discuss their mutual understanding of a romantic relationship casual dating, serious boyfriend. Some experts suggest avoiding defining your relationship altogether. Does He Like Me? Listen with compassion and your whole self. Some relationships move at lightning speed.